What to Expect After Sessions

Healing can be likened to an experience of a cleanse and/or detox.  As part of your healing experience, you can feel tired and need to rest and/or take a brief nap.  Drink lots of water.  Sometimes physiological symptoms can emerge post healing in days following healing (e.g., sinus drainage, pressure, nausea, headaches, joint pain, or muscle ache).  If this happens, allow yourself to incorporate a salt bath into your routine using one cup of pink Himalayan salt in the tub.  If you find yourself having emotions, know that these emotions are releasing and flowing through you like a ripple in a pond.

If you notice you are experiencing a floating sensation, you may want to stomp your feet on the ground to activate some proprioception within your system to elicit feeling here now.

Overall, integration is a process that is part of your reorganization within your Biofield and self.

Do you desire to deepen your relationship with yourself?
To experience less overwhelm, greater peace, clarity, and joy?

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