Resources to Help Guide You

These resources are meant to help support and guide you as you’re on your healing journey. You can read more about these resources at the links below.


Gift of the Body

By: Jonathan M. Goldman

This is a resource to help you understand your physical and energy bodies. This book is a “Multi-Dimensional Guide to Energy Anatomy, Grounded Spirituality and Living Through the Heart”.


What Happened to You

By: Bruce D. Perry & Oprah Winfrey

This is a resource for people who suffer from developmental trauma. Developmental Trauma includes epigenetics, birth trauma, childhood trauma, and environmental toxin exposure in childhood.



By: Betsy Polatin

This book is a resource to help you find your expanded self and learn more about what that means and how that shows up in our lives. This is also a complete approach to self-knowledge and improvement to help you strengthen your relationship between body, mind, and spirit.


Healing Ourselves: Biofield Science and the Future of Health

By: Shamini Jain Ph.D.

Excerpt from Amazon — “Spontaneous remission, the placebo effect, and energy healing―these phenomena have baffled the medical community for decades. What do all these marvels tell us? “Our current models of medicine fall short of understanding the depths of our human healing potential,” says Dr. Shamini Jain. “We are on the cusp of finally becoming awake to our human healing potential. A growing number of scientists are exploring a new path―a true expansion of science joined with understandings from ancient concepts of spirituality.”


Exploring Vibrational Medicine

By: Richard Gerber

Excerpt from Amazon — “On Exploring Vibrational Medicine, Dr. Gerber builds on his pioneering work with a wealth of new and rare insights into the most promising energetic healing therapies. Through study after fascinating study, you will hear about new findings on unique frequencies emitted by the human body, compelling evidence that proves we are composed of pure energy, how chakra points and acupuncture meridians draw energy from outside systems, and much more. Exploring Vibrational Medicineis a revolutionary work about the oldest and newest discovery in medical science, the power of the body to heal itself naturally.”


Bioenergy Healing: Simple Techniques for Reducing Pain and Restoring Health Through Energetic Healing

By: Csongor Daniel

Excerpt from Amazon — “Widely recognized as one of the most powerful healing methods that has ever been developed, bioenergy healing is relatively easy to learn. Csongor’s unique writing – as if you were listening to him live at one of his seminars – makes this comprehensive book on energy healing a light yet very informative listen. If you are a fast learner, you may learn to heal in only one day. By the end of the book, you will become a healer for a lifetime.”


Discovering the Inner Mother: A Guide to Healing the Mother Wound and Claiming Your Personal Power

By: Bethany Webster

Excerpt from Amazon — “With soulfulness and grace, Bethany Webster encourages women to break the intergenerational ties that bind daughters to patriarchal mothers who could not and did not mother them positively, and who may feel betrayed or become enraged as their daughter dares to become her own self.” — Phyllis Chesler, author of Women and Madness and A Politically Incorrect Feminist”


Womb Awakening: Initiatory Wisdom from the Creatrix of All Life

By: Azra Bertrand M.D.

Excerpt from Amazon — “The Ancients lived by a feminine cosmology of creation, where everything was birthed and dissolved through a sacred universal Womb. Within each of us, whether female or male, lies a holographic blueprint of this Womb of Creation, connecting us to the Web of Life. By awakening your spiritual Womb, the holy of holies within the temple of your body, you can reconnect to the transformative energy of Womb Consciousness and reclaim your sacred powers of creation and love.”


Magdalene Mysteries: The Left-Hand Path of the Feminine Christ

By: Seren Bertrand and Azra Bertrand M.D.

Excerpt from Amazon — “A sacred priestess of the ancient Womb Rites, Mary Magdalene was at the center of a great and enduring Mystery tradition, one that touched on a stream of perennial spiritual wisdom as old as humanity. Worshipped as the human embodiment of the Goddess, the earthly Sophia, her womb was the spiritual luminatrix that anointed and empowered Jesus, transforming him into the Christ. As a priestess of the Goddess, Mary Magdalene knew how to embody the light and the dark, how to harness the magic potency of sacred sexual energy, and how to cleanse, awaken, and resurrect the soul. Yet, even though she sparked the creation of a worldwide religion, her story and teachings have been forgotten.”


Return of the Divine Sophia: Healing the Earth through the Lost Wisdom Teachings of Jesus, Isis, and Mary Magdalene

By: Tricia McCannon

Excerpt from Amazon — “Called through her dreams by the Priestesses of Isis, Tricia McCannon set out on a spiritual journey into the Mysteries of the Goddess. After a fateful encounter with a high initiate of the ancient Fellowship of Isis, she began researching the history of Judaism and Christianity to find out how and when the Divine Feminine became lost. She discovered a forgotten age when the Creator was honored as female and humanity lived in peaceful societies completely free of war. She shows how we can return to an age of peace and celestial light if we work to bring the masculine and feminine energies of the world back into balance.”


The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, and Miracles

By: Bruce Lipton

Excerpt from Amazon — “Learn how your thoughts hold the power to transform your life from the cells up.

It has been more than 15 years since the publication of The Biology of Belief, Dr. Bruce H. Lipton’s seminal book that changed the way we think about our lives, our health, and our planet. During that time, research in the field of epigenetics has grown exponentially, and Dr. Lipton’s groundbreaking experiments have been reinforced by more than a decade of rigorous scientific study.

Now, this unabridged audio of the book explores Dr. Lipton’s experiments and those of other leading-edge scientists who have unraveled the profound connections between the mind, body, and spirit.”


My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies

By: Resmaa Menakem

Excerpt from Amazon — “In this groundbreaking book, therapist Resmaa Menakem examines the damage caused by racism in America from the perspective of trauma and body-centered psychology.

The body is where our instincts reside and where we fight, flee, or freeze, and it endures the trauma inflicted by the ills that plague society. Menakem argues this destruction will continue until Americans learn to heal the generational anguish of white supremacy, which is deeply embedded in all our bodies. Our collective agony doesn’t just affect African Americans. White Americans suffer their own secondary trauma as well. So do blue Americans—our police.

My Grandmother’s Hands is a call to action for all of us to recognize that racism is not only about the head, but about the body, and introduces an alternative view of what we can do to grow beyond our entrenched racialized divide.”


Nurturing Resilience: Helping Clients Move Forward from Developmental Trauma – An Integrative Somatic Approach

By: Kathy L. Kain and Stephen J. Terrell

Excerpt from Amazon — “Kathy L. Kain and Stephen J. Terrell draw on fifty years of their combined clinical and teaching experience to provide this clear road map for understanding the complexities of early trauma and its related symptoms. Experts in the physiology of trauma, the authors present an introduction to their innovative somatic approach that has evolved to help thousands improve their lives.

Synthesizing across disciplines—Attachment, Polyvagal, Neuroscience, Child Development Theory, Trauma, and Somatics—this book provides a new lens through which to understand safety and regulation. It includes the survey used in the groundbreaking ACE Study, which discovered a clear connection between early childhood trauma and chronic health problems.”


Healing Collective Trauma: A Process for Integrating Our Intergenerational and Cultural Wounds

By: Thomas Hübl

Excerpt from Amazon — “What can you do when you carry scars not on your body, but within your soul? And what happens when those spiritual wounds exist not just in you, but in everyone in your family, community, and even beyond?

Spiritual teacher Thomas Hübl has spent years investigating why it is that old and seemingly disconnected traumas can seed their way through communities and across generations. His work culminates in Healing Collective Trauma, a new perspective on trauma that addresses both its visible effects and its most hidden roots. Thomas combines deep knowledge of mystical traditions with the latest scientific research. “In this way,” writes Thomas, “we are weaving a double helix between ancient wisdom and contemporary understanding.”


Polyvagal Safety: Attachment, Communication, Self-Regulation (IPNB)

By: Stephen W. Porges

Excerpt from Amazon — “The foundational role of safety in our lives.

Ever since publication of The Polyvagal Theory in 2011, demand for information about this innovative perspective has been constant. Here Stephen W. Porges brings together his most important writings since the publication of that seminal work. At its heart, polyvagal theory is about safety. It provides an understanding that feeling safe is dependent on autonomic states, and that our cognitive evaluations of risk in the environment, including identifying potentially dangerous relationships, play a secondary role to our visceral reactions to people and places.

Our reaction to the continuing global pandemic supports one of the central concepts of polyvagal theory: that a desire to connect safely with others is our biological imperative. Indeed, life may be seen as an inherent quest for safety. These ideas, and more, are outlined in chapters on therapeutic presence, group psychotherapy, yoga and music therapy, autism, trauma, date rape, medical trauma, and COVID-19.”