This Work Creates an Opportunity

Opportunity for deeper exploration into healing parts of your unknown.
If you are guided to the page to begin with, you are on the right track.

When you’re ready for this work…

  • When you have a tug inside of you directing to the healing modalities
  • Have a deeper understanding and/or knowing that more exists beyond the physical world
  • Feel ready to explore places within yourself and your ancestral lineage that are unknown
  • Have felt yourself or described yourself as “different” from others around you.
  • If you are experiencing repetitive patterns in your life, where you feel stuck and aren’t able to move forward in your life or spiritual/emotional wellbeing.
  • Wanting to deepen your relationship with yourself with your spiritual practice and/or your relationship with others.
  • Want to experience less overwhelm, greater peace, clarity, joy. The same overarching feeling can show up differently in individuals. How it shows up in your life is uniquely for you. Peace and wisdom scripted for you, can be a very individual experience.
  • When you feel called to find your “true purpose”.
  • When you want to clear out persistent patterns in thoughts and behavior.

When you are ready to clear the core issues instead of only addressing the surface problem, you are ready for healing.

You are willing to allow your survival archetypal parts of your biofield to arrive and encounter the resonance of love, light and safety in a way you may have not experienced previously. We invite all your parts to the session, allowing space for them to simply be around, whether it is hiding in the background, wanting to share something or simply resting (e.g. laying on a blanket and soaking in the sun).

Some familiar survival archetypal parts that surface along the sympathetic (fight and flight) autonomic nervous system pathway are “anxiety, hypervigilance, compulsions, impulsivity, irritability, judgment, racing thoughts, aggression, etc.). On the other side of the parasympathetic system (aka dorsal vagal as well as collapse, shut down or freeze) are procrastination, insecurity, avoidance, high threshold for pain secondary to dissociation, depression, self-deprecation, etc.

Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst, Carl Jung created a theory that collective unconscious (human beings being connected to each other and ancestors through a shared set of experiences) incorporate inherited archetypal patterns of personality which influence a person’s behavior. We now know that epigenetics is one of the aspects of collective consciousness that influence not only behavior, but also perceptions, and thought. Epigenetics is the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.

You might be asking yourself the question on how this is transmitted. We are all familiar with Wifi, well let us consider that there is a biofield (electromagnetic field of consciousness) that exists around us as well as flowing within us.

Within this biofield, exist many platforms (floors) as well as files (storage) that have been collected from previous collected lifetime experiences. Have you or someone else around you said “it’s like deja vu”; “why is this happening to me”; or “history is repeating itself”. Well this is not coincidental, but rather all the systems of an individual, family and/or collective on replay. The Divine’s purpose is to allow your soul the opportunity to repair and heal prior histories and experiences from repeating patterns (aka healing karmic wounds). In turn, this allows freedom and expansion of the soul instead.

The most recent relatable examples of this on a collective level is the “Me Too” movement whereby people are rising above positions of power and dominance. “Black Lives Matter” movement is highlighting the importance of equality over segregation.

On an individual level, the innovative healing enhances and incorporates regulations to your autonomic nervous system building in resilience to counteract your allostatic load (your cost of day to day stressful moments from pre-birth to present day).

I work with those seeking healing, who are ready to be a willing participant on their own transformational journey. Part of your journey will incorporate the adventure with curiosity and exploration into the unknown parts of yourself. This transformation will clear out encapsulated narratives and emotions that affect your perception, attachment and reaction of and to reality, allowing you to enter into a new paradigm shift feeling true safety, gratitude, love and joy.

Do you desire to deepen your relationship with yourself?
To experience less overwhelm, greater peace, clarity, and joy?

I invite you into the opportunity for deeper exploration into healing parts of your unknown. If you are guided to the page to begin with, you are on the right track. You can book your session by clicking the button to the right.