HEALING begins with YOU

Congratulations for choosing YOU! Following your curiosity or listening to your inner voice has brought you to consider the need and time for deeper healing. Your healing journey involves bringing in your beloved spiritual guides who know you so well and the Divine Feminine of Love and Light. We will explore what you wish to uncover, clear or discover for yourself as you take the next steps which will bring about your higher vibration of healing, highest good and divine harmony.

Beginning or Enhancing Your Journey

This healing journey is a process and is based on individual desire for pacing and experience. Your inner knowing will guide you as to the frequency of sessions with me. Although healing can feel peaceful and enlightening, the time in between sessions is also important to allow for integration. Time in between sessions give you and your body the opportunity to understand and organize around the process of healing. Over time you will begin to notice changes in your narrative towards self and with others. You may also have a felt sense around your internal rhythmic energetic patterns presenting differently within yourself. Healing sessions are moving you towards a reunification with your high heart, consciousness and authentic self. Sessions with me are online ONLY.

+ Weekly, bi-monthly or monthly sessions
+ Virtual Online Sessions

Awakening, Illumination and Repair of Soul’s Blueprint

You develop a deeper understanding and relationship with yourself as well as your connection to the Universe.

I work with those seeking healing, who are ready to be
a willing participant on their own transformational journey,

those willing to explore the unknown parts of themselves,

who are looking for change on an emotional, behavioral, spiritual, and relational level.

To awaken the soul, means calling forth parts back “home” as well as to release what no longer serves your highest good.  Part of your journey will incorporate the adventure with curiosity and exploration into the unknown parts of yourself. This transformation will allow for ascension of intergenerational and past life parts to a higher level of consciousness, creating a greater sense of peace with a clearer perspective.  You will enter into a new paradigm shift feeling true safety, gratitude, love and joy.

Methods & Modalities

These are the methods and modalities that I use during my sessions. These methods are used on a case-by-case basis depending on your situation and goals.

Melinda’s Work

You can learn more about Melinda and her work on her About page.


“Melinda is magic! Really. This is not an exaggeration. I came for healing, guidance and support. I am receiving all of these and more: a better sense of self, of my own gifts, of my inner ability to heal, and improved understanding of my connections to others and the universe as a whole. Melinda’s intuitive gifts, joyful spirit, and ability to create safety support the process of delving deep within myself, and growing to reflect the love and light present in me and others, the byproduct which is healing my body. I have immense gratitude for this process and for Melinda’s work with me.”

~ Tamara