Cosmic Hologram

If you found this website, the Divine is speaking to you, in some way, to have the opportunity for healing and changing your internal frequency within yourself.

Within the cosmic hologram, exists the individuality of each person’s vibrating frequency and platforms imprinted with archives of infinite history as well as the collective of our planet, planetary system and galaxies. An analogy is that each human being on this planet is a snowflake, presenting as more complex, unique, wonderous and beautiful. In our mass, we are snow.

The Cosmic Hologram of YOU, not only contains electromagnetic information held from this lifetime, but all your previous lifetimes. Additionally, within these platforms exist drawers holding (via cords) patterns, beliefs and experiences of your ancestors. Some of these electromagnetic spaces and levels may initially present as asymmetrical, bound, fragmented or cut off.

Albert Einstein, in his theory of relativity, understood how mass and energy work together. He also defines theory of gravity to be a curving and warping of space. The Cosmic Hologram is exponentially individualized as well as expansive. Each individual has their own mass and energetic frequency based on lifetimes and ancestry along with the collective Universe frequency not separated by space and time.

Living on Earth provides a learning opportunity to ignite or bring about greater soul evolution within oneself, in relationships with others and among all living things. What and who we encounter is not coincidental. Within us exists a vibrational frequency that attracts and repels situations, people, etc. People are often re-enacting unhealed wounds within themselves that they carry from ancestral lineage and/or past lives. From Christianity teachings, Jesus was placed on the cross for execution by the Romans out of ignorance, insecurity and fear. Before he died, he said to God: “Forgive them father for they do not know what they do”. How many lifetimes, both as a whole and individually, do people repeat the pattern of judging or fearing others out of ignorance, insecurity or fear?

Within us exists a vibrational frequency that attracts and repels situations and people that re-enact old patterns, beliefs, emotions, etc. from prior experiences. In doing so, you also help to heal past and future generations.

Raising the vibration of your felt sense not only changes your reflective felt sense experience within yourself and with others, but also among animals, plants, trees, oceans, sun and the moon. Elevation of vibrational frequency expands consciousness. Consciousness is the gateway to your cosmic hologram. Yes, you are correct, a full circle experience ☺

Allowing yourself the opportunity to heal within your Cosmic Hologram, opens yourself to the fertile ground for healing, love, light, Divine peace and liberation.

Do you desire to deepen your relationship with yourself?
To experience less overwhelm, greater peace, clarity, and joy?

I invite you into the opportunity for deeper exploration into healing parts of your unknown. If you are guided to the page to begin with, you are on the right track. You can book your session by clicking the button to the right.