Awakening, Illuminating and Repair of Soul’s Blueprint

The Awakening process brings YOU out of a dream state experience filtered primarily through the ego mind into a conscious, present experience. It is channeled directly from the Divine to you for your highest good and highest vibration three dimensions and above. You develop a deeper understanding and relationship with yourself as well as your connection to the Universe.

The Awakening:

  • Heightens your capacity to be curious and to have a witness observer noticing patterns in your own behavior in relationship to self, others and the world around you and a desire for change.
  • Feeling a greater and deeper sense of connection within yourself as well as to others and the collective.
  • Letting go of attachments. You may notice a need to clean house, no longer holding onto excess of physical objects/clutter. Changes in who you spend time with in relationship, what you read or watch and how you spend your money, less focus on body image and/or external objects to elevate self-worth, etc.
  • Greater inner peace which does not take away life challenges sometimes, but how you experience those challenges will no longer present or create an emotional roller coaster or internal strife.
  • Increasing your intuition. Having a greater felt sense understanding on how all things are energy, allowing you to notice your connection to them on a daily basis.
  • Greater synchronicity
  • Increase in compassion
  • Removing fear of death or dying
  • Increasing authenticity that is emerging from your opened heart space
  • Flourishing

The Illumination experience is the transparent reflection that emerges towards life and love. It is our felt sense internal experience we embody. From this embodiment that is transmitted to us from the Divine, we, in turn, transmit into the World. On a personal level, we truly can experience the felt sense of “self-love”. On a romantic level, we truly understand the difference between lust and love and more deeply know when we internally feel “true love” for and with a partner. With humanity, family and friends, we understand “unconditional love”.

What does it mean to “Repair Your Soul’s Blueprint?”

Cleaning out and bringing parts of you back together. Creating a “blank” piece of paper with new possibilities, liberation and freedom

In repairing the soul’s blueprint, blocks are removed. These blocks are old wounds, beliefs and lower vibrations that a soul picks up based on present and past lives, family lineage, places and people who they encounter. Over time, for a higher vibrational being, this can cause an encasement of bound energy that requires healing and clearing. If not, a person can experience fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, addictions, which over time can lead to physical pain and/or disease.

Imagine you are a clock and we open up to take a look inside. Your soul’s blueprint is like the inner workings of a clock moving constantly with different layers of gears and mechanisms to bring about what you are to learn, experience, repair or heal in this lifetime. Additionally, your soul’s blueprint houses your wounds and beliefs from previous lives, ancestral lines and current life.

What else exists in my soul’s blueprint?

  • Psychic gifts (yes, everyone has gifts ☺, although they may not be unlocked in this moment in time, so remain dormant)
  • Beloved guides (spiritual teachers, healers, and guardians exist with every soul)
  • Soul contracts. (Contracts you made with guides for certain lessons, healing or experiences you are to have during your lifetime)
  • Infinite information about YOU

Do you ever wonder how sometimes you have an understanding or knowing of something without specific training and/or education? It often comes as a result of what you might have been exposed to or were involved in during your previous lives.

The soul’s blueprint resides in your third eye (between your eyes, in the middle of your forehead).

If you allow yourself to take a moment and gently close your eyes, resting your breath behind your heart on your sternum, you will see colors appear. The multi-dimension of colors is YOU as a soul, a beautiful prism of light.

Do you desire to deepen your relationship with yourself?
To experience less overwhelm, greater peace, clarity, and joy?

I invite you into the opportunity for deeper exploration into healing parts of your unknown. If you are guided to the page to begin with, you are on the right track. You can book your session by clicking the button to the right.