What is Open Heart Embodiment?

Open Heart Embodiment calls forward your truth from within through your breath. Within the center of your heart, a beautiful expansion is awaiting to happen and calling you “home”. This expansion can take shape as a flower opening its petals or a butterfly spreading its wings. This expansion creates space for the breath and light to emerge (a Rebirth). With a rebirth comes the need to release and shed what no longer is needed. Rebirth brings forth your connection to divine feminine and masculine consciousness, authentic self, ancient knowing and Mother Earth.

One option that occurs from Open Heart Embodiment is revealing the truth about repeated behaviors, emotions or thoughts that you may have within yourself. It is helpful to honor your heart and once open, ask your heart the important question: “What do I get from repeating…..”

In this healing, I utilize the wisdom of your higher self as well as your authentic guides to help you along your path facilitating this opening of your heart. Certain elements of fire, water, wind or earth might be asked to enter the sacred space along with colors and/or crystals. In this process, you will also understand that you are no longer separate. There may be times to be alone, honoring your sacred space and time to enhance any boundaries, have greater discernment and energetically release what is no longer yours to carry. However, within your heart is a deeper knowing that in spite of physically being separate from others, you are very much connected to the Divine light within and around you. You will have a greater experience of recognizing the Magic that exists in the now.

You will come to learn that you are the LIGHT!!!

Cost for a 60-minute session:  $200 / hour

Do you desire to deepen your relationship with yourself?
To experience less overwhelm, greater peace, clarity, and joy?

I invite you into the opportunity for deeper exploration into healing parts of your unknown. If you are guided to the page to begin with, you are on the right track. You can book your session by clicking the button to the right.