How Does it Work?

Based on Dr. Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory, the program is derived from nearly four decades of research on the relationship between the autonomic nervous system and social-emotional processes.

The first thing to understand is the importance of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS is best described as our “personal surveillance system”, always determining and responding to the question “Am I safe?”

If our ANS is continually aroused through trauma or toxic, chronic stress, the muscles of our middle ear shift away from listening for human voice and instead listens for low-frequency background noises in preparation for the need to respond (fight or flight). This makes us much less able to be socially engaged and much more likely to be reactive.

This non-invasive intervention involves listening to music that has been processed specifically to retune the nervous system (regulating state) to introduce a sense of safety and the ability to socially engage. The specially calibrated music in SSP trains the auditory pathways to focus on the frequency of human speech and to tune out the frequencies of background noises. Once the ear begins to work more normally, we are more available for social engagement (we must feel safe to be socially engaged) and thus can experience the safety of our relationships much more fully.

This allows the client to better interpret not only human speech, but, importantly, the emotional meaning of language. Once interpersonal interactions improve, spontaneous social behaviors and an enhanced ability to learn, self-regulate and engage are often seen.

The options of programs offered and available consist of the following:

SSP Connect (Classical)

  • Provides a gentle and “safe” introduction when needed. Playlist consists of classical music curated to be calming, grounded. For more sensitive clients, or those with this is a highly dysregulated nervous system, this is the recommended first step.

SSP Core

  • Uses therapeutically modified vibrational frequencies that work with the inner ear bones that orient from threat to social engagement with SSP practitioner present in person or online
  • The vibrations soften sensory activations related to sound, smell, taste and touch
  • Moves through the trauma vortex and clears layers throughout the chakras as well as layers of physical body
  • Clears away layers of dissociation

SSP Balance 

  • You can begin 4 weeks after SSP core. This is largely unsupervised and can be used at home. Used to extend and integrate the gains from SSP. Same playlist as SSP CORE, but filtered differently with a lighter frequency modulation algorithm.
  • Can also be used as ongoing daily support for clients who need it, many find it calming and grounding. This is also used as a “warm up” before SSP CORE booster.

Sound Healing with SSP (Safe Sound Protocol) Package

  • Will need to download the Unyte-ILS application
  • Have available ear headphones (not earbuds) that do not have noise cancelling on

What does this cost include?

  • Activation of the SSP Application ($125.00)
  • SSP 1 hour Assessment with Melinda prior to starting SSP ($200.00)
  • 10 (30 minute) sessions with Melinda ($100.00/per session x 10)
  • Post SSP Session with Melinda ($200.00)
  • Two months access following SSP Core to both SSP Balance and SSP Connect to allow for continued listening, in leisure to help support SSP Core.

Cost: $1,525

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